by Florian Tscharf

A man awakens in the midst of burning beds. His journey begins.

Actor: Leandro Taub
Director: Florian Tscharf
Producer: Sebastian Johannsen
Director of Photography: Jonas Schneider
Editor & Grading: Robin Jünkersfeld
Text: Michael Maria Morgenbesser, Stefan Wittemann
Original Music: Alexander David
Cellist: Raphael Moraly
Sounddesign: Denis Elmaci
Compositing & VFX: Nici Kamenisch
AC & VFX On-Set Supervision: Marc Angele
Service Producer Morocco: Hajar Marouani
Production: Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg
Special Thanks to: Tobias Bachleitner, Film Commission Morocco, Das Imperium Talent Agency
2017 Germany - Protagonist
Short Film: In a post-apocaliptic-surrealistic world (in Africa) I was one of the last survivors, carrying my past-home with me, walking by deserts and mountains, trying to leave my past-home, crossing the Atlantic, to the new world.