An Innocent Mind Has No Fear
In celebration of its 30th issue, 032c and artist-director Ralf Schmerberg created a 78 pages magazine story and a shortfilm based on a fictional unwritten script for the ultimate Berlin film.
It is a movie about a city now growing in population as it did one century ago at the beginning of the Weimar Era, after Russian refugees arrived from the October Revolution. It is a manifesto about life in the post-contemporary era. Cultural promiscuity has dissolved into a condition of spiritual bankruptcy. Heat and compression have melted the meaning from our past algorithms. This is the second death of God. Aimless citizens wander in search of a new morality. The bandwidth of pleasure-pain has become limitless.

starring :
Leandro Taub
Numan Acar
Dave Bennent
Jama Deejay
Arthur Christea
Lukas von der Gracht
Wolfgang Gutschmidt
Nik Mantilla
Roman Ole
Robert Alan Packard
Music by Marco Barotti
Song: Never talk again
Directed by: Ralf Schmerberg
Fashion: Marc Goehring
Make Up and Hair: Ewa and Elena
Camera: Katja Oortman and Ralf Schmerberg

An Innocent Mind Has No Fear from Ralf Schmerberg on Vimeo.